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Server virtualization relies heavily on networking and storage. Virtual machines grow and require larger amounts of storage than what one physical ser (...) More »
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Nas : Ultra 2 Plus Network : Netgear DGN2200 Desktop : QuadCore I7 950 3.02 GHZ,2 SSD OCZ Vertex4 Raid 0, 1 SSD OCZ Vertex Turbo 60 GB, Gigabyte X58A (...) More »
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Re: ReadyNas Pro for virtualization with Hyper V I'm in the process of migrating my Hyper-V VMs over to the 24TB 3200 and so far it's going qu (...) More »
Using ReadyNAS OS 6 as a VMware ESX Datastore (iSCSI ...
ReadyNAS iSCSI target as a Datastore. The LUN can be added to an existing Group, or a new Group can be created by click New Group. Open up the vSpher (...) More »
Using ReadyNAS OS 6 as a VMware ESX Datastore (NFS) | Answer ...
In this article, we describe the method on connecting your ReadyNAS to VMware ESX as a datastore using an NFS share. You can also setup ReadyNAS OS 6 (...) More »
Which NAS for Virtualization (WMware, Hyper-V etc)
Run VMs from DAS and use Synology for backups. 2) Virtual SAN. Run clustered DAS + still Synology for backups. 3) NAS (cannot be the same for VMware a (...) More »
NAS Units as VM Hosts: QNAP's Virtualization Station Explored
Virtualization Platforms - A Brief Background. An example could be the setting up of a Linux distribution as a VM on a computer running Windows as th (...) More »
Performance of running VM off NAS - Virtualization - Spiceworks
We're in need of expanding our datastores for our VMWare ESXi host. If I were to use something, like a Synology NAS, as a datastore to store VMs, (...) More »
QNAP - Virtualization Station
QNAP Virtualization Station enables virtualized desktop operations on the Turbo NAS for managing multiple virtual machines. With the easy-to-use inter (...) More »
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ReadyNAS Desktop Series. The ReadyNAS Desktop Series packs industry-first innovation and unmatched ease-of-use into top-end storage. Unlimited snapsh (...) More »